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10.1 inch Intel Baytrail CR3735F tablet

10.1 inch Intel Baytrail CR3735F tablet


Match this if you can: Your Laptop and Tablet All-In-One

Ever been frustrated that your tablet doesn’t have a keyboard? Or that your PC is too much to carry around? Together with Microsoft we’ve created the best of both worlds. Attach the keyboard to this little powerhouse and you’ve got your familiar and fully loaded laptop…but take it off and, hey, there’s your tablet, with comfortable swipe-ready start screen. Why didn’t we think of it before?
Just take a look at this versatile tablet computer measuring a mere 27cm by 18cm by 1.2cm, weighing no more than 650 grams, but with a 10-inch screen! Of course they can be especially created for many of our…and your clients, to be customised with their specs & apps. It is easy to see why most women’s magazines have already ordered them for their readers from us. But you, personally—and so your customers!—can also take advantage of this great tool. It’s the best piece of technology for today’s world and a superb extension of your marketing mindspace with your customers. Here are some specs worth reading:
Running on a powerful Intel Baytrail T-CR Quad Core Processor, our Tablet PC boasts 16 GB internal memory and 1 TB online storage for photos and videos. Add 1 GB DDR3 memory, a 2-megapixel front and rear camera, and WiFi and Bluetooth connectivity. Loading it with Micro USB and Micro HDML connections and a Microsoft 8.1 Operating System that includes 1-year Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, PowerPoint & OneNote), McAfee Mobile Security, a Bluetooth mouse and a 2-year Guarantee, and you’ve got yourself PC power you can’t buy in the shops! Oh, and its batteries can last up to 10 hours and every family member can create their own account (Parental controls available). Power, luxury and style… Need we say more?

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10.1 inch Intel Baytrail CR3735F tablet